Writing and Reflecting on 2020

What We Talk About When We Talk About 2020

Professionally, this was undoubtedly the best year of my life. I was writing and I was writing a lot, but it was constantly backdropped by an ominous global pandemic that’s changed all of our lives indefinitely.

So I don’t know what we’ll think. I don’t even know what I think. Not yet, it’s too early. But I do know one thing: 2020 was the year I started

Finally, I pushed the ball down the hill and it started rolling. I started this blog, began monetizing my writing, and am in the late stages of writing my debut novel (huge update on that coming soon).

Finally starting the blog

Since high school, I’ve meditated on the idea of starting a blog. It’s something I’ve always thought of doing, but never knew how. That didn’t change in 2020, but I pushed through and did it anyway. I started.

Biting the bullet, I decided that the pandemic provided me with the amount of time and isolation I needed to start blogging and see where it took me. And while I finally took a step forward and started doing, things didn’t go as well as I would’ve hoped going on.

I wrote nearly forty blog posts since starting in the early summer, but most of them were scatterbrained, incongruent, and have since been privatized. But that doesn’t matter, not really. Each blog post that I delete brings me one step closer to wherever it’s going to end up. And for now, that’s enough.

Monetization, the freelance writing business

Through the blog, I found a few of my first few freelance clients (some of whom I still work with today). The feeling of accomplishment that comes from seeing my bank account rise from writing is unparalleled, a feeling I don’t think I’ll get over anytime soon.

Starting to freelance has probably been the highlight of my year. Getting paid for my words has validated my introspective views on my work and inspired to push down twice as hard on the gas moving forward. I’ve proven that I can do it, now I just need to focus on the how.

That’ll be my main focus heading into the new year. Many times throughout 2020, I took on writing clients outside of my preferred niche. And while the money was nice (and I the end product was high quality), that type of working isn’t moving me closer to the end game.

When I’m not working on my own personal project, I want to be writing SaaS and tech-related articles. Maybe a few personal finance pieces thrown in here and there, but nothing else.

I want to grow through clear, focused intentionality. That’s how I get to the promised land. That’s how I shape my business into what I want it to be.

Writing of a novel, the big debut

Speaking of personal projects, I’ve been quietly working on a novel throughout this 2020. A novel that I’m confident will debut in the coming year and become a cornerstone of my business.

At the time of writing this post, I’m currently in the process of completing my sixth personal rewrite. Six rewrites before sending it out to a third-party editor may seem like a lot, but sometimes a lot of work is necessary to get it right.

And getting it right is all that matters. I can’t control how the book does when it finally comes out, but I can control how much work and effort I put into it before the big release. Even if it flops, I’ll have a product that I’m proud of.

By the end of this month, I plan on sending the manuscript out to my editor for a final round of revisions. Proofreading with fresh, unbiased eyes. That should push me forward towards the big launch.

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This will be a long, winding journey, but a necessary one nonetheless. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

Thank you,

Nicholas Coursel